Termite Pest Control Cost Estimates [Updated Price List 2021] + FAQs

Termite Pest Control Cost Estimates

2021 Termite Treatment Cost: Overview 

Termites aka bed bugs are wood-destroyer, small insect creatures look very endearing but can be delightfully dangerous for your home or office. 

Noticing their presence is very hard at glance, as time surpasses their actions shows their presence which is not good for you at all. 

Termites attack wood materials such as furniture, study table, desk, almirah, cupboards, and any other things made of wood. 

Ultimately their presence could lead you to invest a good amount of harden-money for restoration. 

In case your house or office is already daunted with those tangy termites, it is time to think about termite extraction services.

What is Termite Extraction (Removal) Service? 

Termite extraction or termite (deemak) control refers to controlling, measuring, and eliminating the groups of termites and their cautions permanently using termites treatment precautions carried by termite pest control services in Jaipur. 

The process of removing termites can be done via two methods – (i) Pre-construction termite control and (ii) Post-construction termite control

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How Much Does A Termite Treatment Cost?

Talking about termites treatment cost, generally, it is hard to tell the exact termite (deemak) control cost. But, you can get termite control cost estimates which would help you know in-advance how much does termite treatment may cost. 

We at Pesto Control excellence in providing anti-termite killing treatment at reasonable costs. We provide eco-friendly termite control services in Jaipur thereby fellows including residential and corporates with an aim to provide a safeguard atmosphere by kicking termites (wood bugs) permanently. 

To know how much termite treatment costs you, we have derived a comprehensive sheet below. 

Have a look…! 

Various Termite Treatment Charges and Prices Estimations 

There are multiple ways to treat termites, and each has its own costs, ranging on the size of the infestation, where they are located, and the method used. Below charges and prices estimations will help you choose the best termite treatment services with their actual cost. 

(* the mentioned costs are for Jaipur, Rajasthan location only)

A) Termite Treatment Cost per Square Foot

Entire house termite treatment cost is normally figured by the linear foot if utilizing a bait system or synthetic treatment. In the event that the expert uses a fumigation or heat treatment, the expense is estimated by the sq. ft. 

Square FootageCost Range
500 sq.ft. (1 BHK)Rs. 800 – Rs. 1100
1,000 sq.ft. (2 BHK)Rs. 1200 – Rs. 1500
1,500 sq.ft. (3 BHK)Rs. 1600 – Rs. 2500
1,800 sq.ft. (4 BHK)Rs. 2600 – Rs. 2900
2,000 sq.ft. (5 BHK)Rs. 3000 – Rs. 4000

B) Termite Control Cost by Treatment

Termite control is also priced according to the type of treatment. There are several common treatments that professionals use: liquid termiticide, termite bait, heat treatment and fumigation. 

Treatment TypeCost Range
Micro TreatmentRs. 500 – Rs. 900
Liquid TermiticideRs. 1000 – Rs 1600
TentingRs. 1700 – Rs 2100
BaitingRs. 2200 – Rs. 2700
FumigationRs. 2800 – Rs. 3500
HeatRs. 3600 – Rs. 4000

C) Termite Control by Frequency

This option is most favorable and convenient for homeowners as well as corporates. Our termite control services come in various options. 

MonthlyRs. 800
QuarterlyRs. 2200
YearlyRs. 9600
One-TimeRs. 12000

D) Termite Extermination Cost by Location

You would agree with this that termites are sneaky creatures and are often renamed as silent killers. There is a significant chance of termite presence other than your rooms or bathrooms. 

LocationCost Range
LawnRs. 800 – Rs. 1100
ShedRs. 800 – Rs. 1100
YardRs. 800 – Rs. 1100
PantryRs. 1200 – Rs. 1500
GarageRs. 1400 – Rs. 1800
Window FrameRs. 800 – Rs. 1100
CarpetRs. 800 – Rs. 1100
BedroomRs. 800 – Rs. 4000
CeilingRs. 800 – Rs. 4000
KitchenRs. 800 – 1500
AtticRs. 1400 – Rs. 1800
FloorboardsRs. 1400 – Rs. 1800

To know termite control cost near you, contact us (ring) +91 9001993200

Top Five Factors That Affecting Termite Treatment Cost 

Termites may not be of one kind, they have broadly categories into three spectrum: 

  • Drywood
  • Dampwood
  • Subterranean 

The drywood kind termites are mostly found in every home and corporation. 

Did you know? The types of termite may affect our termite treatment cost along with other factors mentioned below:

No.1 – Type of Termite Present at Your Home

In Jaipur, you can come across the following types:- 

  • Formosan subterranean termite 
  • West Indian drywood termite 
  • Eastern subterranean termite 
  • Dampwood termite 
  • Conehead termite

Here’s the surprising fact, Formosan subterranean termites are quite the most destructive agent. It has the ability to consume 3 pounds to 11 pounds of wood each day.

No.2 – Type of Damage

Remember! If the infestation has gone undetected for months, the damage done is extensive.

To know the damage extension level, I strongly recommend you to hire a professional termite control expert like ‘Pesto Control’. The expert will carry out an inspection and get to determine the kind of damage.

No.3 – Termite Treatment Techniques Used

We have  already disclosed the techniques carried by termite control providers. Some most popular methods used include:

  • Liquid chemical barrier: In this expert apply a liquid chemical called termiticides on your walls or floors which cause them to die from dehydration. 
  • Non-repellent liquid treatment: This is unique and exceptional as no chemical is used instead of setting up a physical barrier. 
  • Termite bait systems: Examples of termite barrier systems include Noviflumuron and hexaflumuron

No.4 – Size of Your Home

With regards to the size of your home, the greater the house, the higher the termite treatment cost. Why? Greater homes are probably going to endure broad harm contrasted with more modest homes. 

Likewise, it will require specialists more opportunity to examine your large home contrasted with a little home.

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Termite Treatment Cost Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have some general questions to ask related to termite control. Well, here are some most commonly pretend questions we have disclosed with their answers. 

In case you have other questions, please comment down and we’ll try to answer. 

Q1. Can I Treat My Home for Termites?

Absolutely YES! How? This can be done via two ways: (i) Using some DIYs tricks and (ii) contacting reliable deemak control service in Jaipur

Q2. How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

It is good to hear that termite treatments last for several years when they’re applied strictly and followed by the best ways.

Q3. What is the Most Effective Treatment for Termites?

For effective termite treatment, it’s recommended that you avoid DIY methods and instead hire a termite control professional. Quickly schedule a free inspection with us. 

Q4. What is the fastest way to get rid of termites?

Considering the termite removal techniques, heat treatments may be the fastest guaranteed way to treat the problem. It takes about 8 hours.

Q5. Can Pesto Control treat my house for termites?

YES and with GREAT care and precautions. Pesto Control is a leading Termite (Deemak) Control in Jaipur. Contact Us, Today. 

Termite Pest Control Cost Estimates [Updated Price List 2021] + FAQs

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