How To Remove Lizards from Home Permanently?

How To Remove Lizards from Home Permanently

Okay poll here…

How much of you are scared or horrified by lizard appearance and sounds? 

Despite their being harmless, it doesn’t mean it harms you in other ways. 

Well, lizards or chameleon (n. & adj.) are quite a common sight in Jaipur homes (especially in ground floor units). 

The fun fact is parents counting kids are horrified by them, luckily by their appearance and eye (stare at you). 

Personally, I have a real phobia of the little critters and if you have a ‘too’ or hate their germ-laden poop everywhere, don’t worry, I have come up with some effective ways to get rid of house lizards. 

Also, at the end, you amaze with one bonus tip…!

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1. Use Mosquito Repellent Liquid

Here’s the rule of thumb, ‘the fewer mozzies are in your house, the fewer lizards you’ll find’ and in case if you’re not, I may suggest you to just spray or apply the liquid to the place where they are hiding or common spots. 

Basically, they don’t like the scent of the chemicals. Oh! Do you know that lizards feed on mosquitoes? 

2. Lower the room temperature

Science says that lizards are the hot-blooded animals, in fact I am afraid there are hundreds of fun facts about that little creature. Also, lizards still survive everywhere in the world (except Antarctica) 🙂 

Just make them feel uncomfortable, by turning up the air-conditioning, and keep the room chilly; around 22 degrees centigrade at least.

3. Place Eggshells 

This will annoy you much, but, If you want to get fast relief from lizards, you may consider placing eggshells. 

Why? Because Lizards dislike the smell that comes from eggs. However, we also dislike the smell, despite the fact that we love to eat. 

4. Cut Garlic 

It seems I’m talking about home remedy…garlic, the most common ingredient used in cooking food. 

Cut a clove of garlic, and leave it where you don’t want lizards. The smell of garlic scientifically called as ‘Allyl methyl sulfide’ will drive them away.

5. Consider naphthalene balls

It’s the mom’s bet that putting naphthalene balls keeps bad things away. If it’s lizards, it surely works perfectly. 

Simply said Naphthalene balls will drive away lizards, as well as many other kinds of bugs. It advised to put the balls away from the reach of kids or pets. 

Bingo! Bonus One

6. Call Pesto Control

Pest Control is one of the effective ways to get rid of any kind and anytype of insects, pests, and buds. To be specific, it is the best bet against lizards. 

Pest control for lizards is a functional way to assure your house is lizard-free for a long time. 

Pesto Control provides professional, natural, and authentic method pest control services in Jaipur, for various premises – Domestic (house, flats, and apartments) and Commercial (Retail, Office, Restaurant) are name of few.

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How To Remove Lizards from Home Permanently?

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