How Does Pre and Post Construction Termite Control Works?

How Does Pre and Post Construction Termite Control Works

According to the science, termite are kind of insects that improve the soil pH level, change water content, and porosity by manipulating dead particles which is an environment-friendly contribution. 

But, such a fact has a harmful impact on human-made things such as untreated timbers, concrete, under surface cables, embankments, etc. 

Moreover, termites aka deemak may ruin or damage your wood furniture slowly. 

So, most homeowners and corporate people think of anti termite treatment to get rid of termite problems. 

What is Anti Termite Treatment?

Anti termite treatment is a process carried out to avoid termites entry into the structure permanently. The entire process is conducted with the help of chemicals. Generally, the anti termite control treatment in Jaipur is carried out in two ways – (i) pre construction phase and (ii) post construction phase

Here, we have discussed the procedure in details of both anti termite treatments. 

  1. Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment 

The termite control experts apply chemicals on the layer of the soil and floor structure of a building to kill or repel the termites. However, the purpose of such treatment is to provide a chemical surrounding the foundation against the termites.

Materials and Equipment Requirement: 

  • Earth driller machine
  • Measuring cane
  • Sprayer
  • Chloropyriphos 20% EC or Lindane 20 EC


  • It starts with the earth surface being dry and clean.
  • The termite removal experts inject the chemical into the ground at three stages in a specified ratio. 
  • In the first stage, drilled in 12 mm diameter and 300mm deep at 150mm intervals. After this, the chemical is detonated at the ratio, significantly above 5 litres per square meter.
  • Coming to the second stage, now the treatment is taken place at building substructure (lower part of a structural system which is constructed beneath the ground level) treated with the chemical by 7.5 litre per sq metre. The chemical shall be injected at 450mm deep and 150mm space from the substructure. 
  • The third stage, which is the last phase of treatment, deals with the inner plinth wall portion injecting chemicals at a ratio of 5 litre per sqm.
  1. Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment 

Detonate chemicals to the existing building to kill the termite infestation is known as post-control construction termite treatment. 


  • It start with the inception of the entire building for the infestation spread in and around the building.
  • After spotting the infestation, the action has been put in order to kill or remove the termite. The most common place of termite are inside walls, ceiling, conduits, switchboards, etc.

Anti-Termite Treatment Chemicals 

In order to ensure building or surrounding termite-free, the termite control service provider either uses one of the below chemicals. 

ChemicalsConcentrated by weight
Chloropyriphos 20% EC1%
Lindane 20% EC1%

Anti Termite Treatment Jaipur (Pre-Construction & Post Construction Termite Control)

In case you observed mentioned termite infestation: 

  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams
  • Discarded wings from swarmers, etc

Contact Pesto Control which deals in termite removal or deemak control service in Jaipur. They have certified technicians and use advanced chemicals to procure your home, office, or commercial premises termite-free.

How Does Pre and Post Construction Termite Control Works?

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