Coronavirus Prevention: Disinfection and Sanitization Tips against COVID-19

Disinfection and Sanitization Tips Against COVID-19

Nothing remains the same, as pandemic impacts so rigorous to society, business, and economy it’s curse despite shaking the entire world and leaving people to remain indoors – wearing masks and following 2 meter social distancing are must. 

While everyone observing maximum precautions and staying inside home, wearing masks, and walk-out only if necessary help against covid prevention. 

Also the government and health management authorities are seriously issued guidelines about covid-19 precautions. As people to people transmission of virus spreading at pace people are seriously advised to disinfect and sanitize, periodically.

Take a look at the following disinfection and sanitization tips that will help win the battle against the novel Coronavirus.

WHO Concerned Coronavirus Prevention Tips For People & Community

The World Health Organization are the first who consider the novel coronavirus as vital and serious and are the prime speaking about coronavirus prevention tips, safety guidelines, and suggestions to fight in the middle of pandemic. 

Here are the top tips claimed around the world as effective as nothing else! Those are: –

#1. Wear Mask (All-the-time)

Wearing a mask helps limit the transmission of such vital viruses to transmit. It also protected you to breath-in hazard-dirty air. However, there are kinds of masks people can choose and wear from the market. The N95 masks and medical (surgical) masks are advice to common people to wear as they are effective (covers the nose, mouth and the chin area) and limits the expulsion of particles. 

According to WHO guideline, people are strictly advised to wear masks when:

  • Actively coughing or sneezing
  • Taking care of a person suspected of or infected by the coronavirus
  • Suspect that you are infected

Indeed, these precautions can save you and your family. 

#2. 2-4 Feet Maintain Distance (Is Must)

The virus gets transmitted through touching, so maintain a distance of at least 3 to 6 feet if you step outside or (even someone comes as a guest). Social distancing is the best effective way to stay safe from getting affected by this novel coronavirus. 

#3. Care for Your Respiratory System (Very Important)

This virus is different but it’s symptoms are much similar to nominal cough and cold. This entail hazard contains virus direct effect the respiratory system and damage at will, that cause breathing problems, high sweating and cold. 

As reports suggest that this virus is straightforwardly proven bad for old age people (men and women) result in direct death. And the most high number of deaths is over the age of 50 years people. 

#4. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, Mouth 

If a person is at the time suffering from cold and fever, then it is most helpful to suggest that work so native – do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth as relatively boost the chance transferring the virus to your body.

In the end, it is advised that you avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth without thoroughly washing your hands.

#5. Strictly Follow Rules and Government Advises

As this virus is still uncertain and uncovered its origin of formation. So what happens next – no one knows, exactly. So, timely getting updates or actively knowing about the current changes, releases, and proactive guidelines comes through government sides. 

Disinfection and Sanitization Tips Against COVID-19

Many professionals and government authorities claim and suggest that disinfecting and proper sanitizing ensure to limit the Covid-19 virus from spreading. 

Disinfection is the one-step advance level of cleaning the surface using soap. It refers to killing the bacteria and completely disinfecting the surface making the surface 99.99% bacteria-free. 

On the other hand, sanitization is the process of killing and eradicating the bacteria, germs, pathogenic kind compounds present in the air and surface using chemicals. Sanitization also kills coronavirus bacteria. 

Disinfection and sanitization assist to reduce the chances of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Here are some few tips you can look for effective disinfection and sanitization results. 

  1. For office and commercial areas one should consider decontaminating entrance lobbies, escalators, elevators, corridors, etc 
  2. Mop the surfaces using 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants.
  3. Prior to eye on cleaning the metallic surfaces with 70% alcoholic solutions. 
  4. Areas that are touched frequently should be cleaned at least twice a day.
  5. Additionally, one should recommend cleaning the area (home/office/apartments) with proper disinfection cleaning services through a professional provider.

How To Anticipate a 1% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution?

Following gilding will assist you in effective preparation of 1% sodium hypochlorite solution:

  • Product: Sodium hypochlorite – liquid bleach 

Preparation: 1 part bleach to 2.5 parts of water 

  • Product: Sodium hypochlorite – liquid

Preparation: 1 part bleach to 4 parts water 

  • Product: NaDCC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) powder

Preparation: 17 grams to 1-liter water 

  • Product: NaDCC (1.5 g/ tablet) – tablets 

Preparation: 11 tablets to 1 litre water 

  • Product: Chloramine – powder 

Preparation: 80 g to 1-liter water 

  • Product: Bleaching powder

Preparation: 7g to 1-liter water Any other As per manufacturer’s Instructions

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What disinfection spray can be used for disinfecting the surroundings from coronavirus?

> Chlorine dioxide

> Citric acid

> Ethanol

> Ethyl alcohol

> Glycolic acid

> Hydrochloric acid

> Hydrogen peroxide

> Iodine

> Isopropyl alcohol

> Lactic acid

> Phenolic

> Sodium chloride

> Quaternary ammonium

> Thymol

Q2. Is sodium hypochlorite helpful in preventing coronavirus?

Yes! And most disinfectant spray in Jaipur companies use this chemical. 

Q3. How might I sprinkle disinfectant like Sodium Hypochlorite to forestall Coronavirus? 

You can utilize a disinfectant shower or a machine (contingent on the measure of fluid) and splash the disinfectant straightforwardly in your environmental factors.

Coronavirus Prevention: Disinfection and Sanitization Tips against COVID-19

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